Finding Art in Everyday Life

When I want to start a new piece based on color I like to open up some photos in Photoshop and use my eyedropper too to pull out some colors and see what I get.  It is always interesting to see what you will find when you look at these colors on their own because so much of interpreting color depends on what colors are next to each other.   For example, look at something around you that you consider white and then hold a blank sheet of white paper up to that, now what color does that first white appear to be?  

Of course working this way on a computer doesn't allow me to see the full range of color, as the human eye can perceive many more colors that a computer screen can display.  But, it is a good starting point.  A place to think about composition based within certain restraints.


I find myself always starting new work this way, I suppose I should claim it as "My Process." Not starting by looking at color necessarily, but by creating some rule for myself to adhere to. "I will only use these five colors," or "Each canvas will represent only one reference photo" are examples of rules that I have to force myself to cast away once I get going.  There is always this funny point of realization that I have when I remember that I don't have to follow the rules, I'm the one who made them up in the first place! But rules help me get moving, help create a framework for me to push away from that blank canvas.  The trick is knowing when to break free.

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